No More Peeling Lamination
Durable PVC Plastic
100% Waterproof
Wallet Friendly Credit Card Size
24-Hour Turnaround


Details / Quality / Order Info
When you are granted either a Permit to Carry, or a Firearms ID card in New Jersey you are sent an email with a link to an image file or PDF file for you to print yourself. Most everyone prints them on plain paper and gets it laminated at staples. Over time, the corners start to peel, the lamination gets scratched, cloudy and dirty. Also, it is too large to fit in most wallets.

What we make will not peel, easily scratch or get cloudy. If they go through the wash, it is no problem, they are completely waterproof. The image of your permit is thermally embedded into the PVC, then a clear plastic coating is stretched and melted onto the card to seal it. They are the same size and thickness as a credit card.

If you have a PTC or FID that was issued before the state started issuing digital versions you will have to scan your card to either a PDF/PNG/JPEG and email it to us. If you have a digital copy on your computer or device you can send us that (preferred method, read below). Be advised that I can not guarantee that all FFLs in NJ will accept the yellow card printed on plastic. I have not heard of anyone having any issues so far, and I personally have not had a problem yet. Obviously, do not get rid of your originals just in case.

When scanning – the quality of printed cards depends on the quality of the scans. Because of the loss of quality due to scanning through the plastic lamination, emailing, uploading, etc. the scanned cards will not be as clear and crisp as cards that are printed using the files that were sent to you from the state. Cards that are printed from those files come out perfect. If you do not have a flatbed scanner, you can use the built-in scanner on your iPhone. Click HERE for instructions on how to do that, or HERE if you have an android. You can also use the ‘Cam Scanner’ app. It works great, if you need help with it just email me and I will guide you through it.

A simple photo of your existing card will not work. I can physically do it, but the quality won’t be that great, there are reflections and the lighting is not even and the angles are usually always skewed, etc. Legally, I can not just take your information and type it into a form and print it that way. It must be a copy of your card itself.

We are not able to alter, change, edit, or do any modifications to your card or the information on it. We can ONLY print the exact card that was issued to you by your police department/NJSP. If you have to make any changes, you must contact the issuing police department to do so. They must first issue you a new card, then we can print the updated card they sent you.

Once your order is placed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed with sending us the images of your card(s). If you don’t see the email after a few minutes of placing your order check your spam / junk mail folder.

Once your card is completed it will be shipped to you within one business day

**SWAT FIREARMS has no direct affiliation with this company, although they have been providing our clients with a fantastic product.